The Shadow Comendium

Metal Music Artwork.

Concept / Illustration / Creative Direction

Perrine Perez Fuentes

Stéphan Forté
The Shadow Compendium is the solo album of the French Guitarist Stéphan Forté (Instrumental), and Adagio leader.

I-The Shadows Compendium (Guests: Jeff Loomis / Nevermore & Franck Hermanny/ Adagio)
II-De Praestigiis Daemonum (Guest Mattias IA Eklundh / Freak Kitchen)
III-Spiritual Bliss
IV-Duat (Guest: Glen Drover/ ex Megadeth)
V-Sorrowful Centruroides (Guest: Derek Taylor /Solo artist)
VI-Prophecies Of Loki XXI /
VII-I think there’s someone in the kitchen (Guest: Daniele Gottardo/Solo Artist)
VIII-Improvisation on Sonata no. 14, c # minor - Op. 27 no 2.

This project was made last year, i took time before sharing on Behance because i really don't know what to think about. It was a difficult project because of the deadline. The album cover was made in two evening, and the rest was made in one week. The client wanted each songs to be illustrated. And there are pretty differents, symphonic, heavy, brutal... Each artworks are inspired by different Mythologies and had been made in 30x30cm. (Dante's Inferno, Egyptian Underworld...)
For the rest, Stéphan wanted something Dark, Vampiric, with a guitar hero style (guitar in flames).Do not hesitate to give me feedback.
The Shadows Compendium. Final Album Cover.
The Shadows Compendium Artwork.
The Shadows Compendium. Black & White Artwork.
Laying Fire Upon Apep (Duat) / Black & White version.
Laying Fire Upon Apep (Duat) / Color version.
The Prophecies of Loki XXI.
Improvisation on Sonata no. 14, C# minor – Op. 27 no 2.
De Praestigiis Daemonum.
De Praestigiis Daemonum zooms.
De Praestigiis Daemonum zooms.
Album Shoot.
Album Shoot.
Album Shoot.
Album Shoot.
Album Shoot.
Album Shoot.
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