E G Y P T' S  .  D E A T H  M E T A L  .  B A N D
Sammy Sayed - Vocals
Al Sharif Marzeban - Guitar
Tarek Amr - Guitar
Mohamed 'Bombest' El Sherbieny - Bass
Hatem El Akkad - Drums
Sherif Adel - Keyboards
S E R P E N T S   O F   T H E   N I L E   .   F U L L  P H O TO M A N I P U L A T I O N   .   2 O I 4
The whole album is a journey into becoming a creator of your own destiny.
the album cover symbolizes a man that has reached the state of being in unity with his true will, after the death of all fear, weakness, and ignorance. He reaches that after gathering the qualities and intelligence of all the Gods and Goddesses he met throughout his journey. It is a journey of an inner rebellion, of a spiritual alchemy and mystical rankings.

he meets the low duality between good and evil that mankind is trapped in, he realizes that this is a fallacy of mankind that he needs to rise beyond, he meets with she who is great in magick and asks her for wisdom of choice and protection. He meets with the power struggle that came out of Ego, and he realizes that in order to control anything one must master himself first. He went and faced fear of death and failure and the unknown, And he rose above it. He was even stunned by more intense fear and more intense confusion just to strip him out of dogma and fixated limitations that he creates. When he reaches the Scarab, Khephri, he is given the staff of hidden knowledge and wisdom. He realizes that anything made out of love is beyond duality of good and evil... he realizes that he is the one in control of his journey unconsciously and consciously he has chosen everything from the beginning, he is the one giving life force to the future, he becomes united with all of the ideas and archetypes of the ancient entities and Gods he has met, hence he reaches the ranking of becoming one with the Elder Serpentine God, The great tamer... it is a mystical ranking, a very high one!.
Most of the Gods, Spirits and entities that are featured is a combination of different ancient archetypes of nature, from Ancient Egypt, to Ancient Greece, and even India. We combined different mythologies as one, we seek to find similarities between all mystic paths, all paths lead to a certain wisdom that we cannot ignore, and this is also part of the lyrical theme.

Enjoy Serpents of the Nile \m/. May it give you power, wisdom , and strength, that your will runs freely like an endless river, breaking all boundaries and limitations that you meet through your own journey in life.

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35x35cm | 35/40 hours


I hope you like it!

S E E  T H E  P R E V I O U S  A R T W O R K S  F O R  S C A R A B  H E R E
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This is a professional work – Metal album cover& illustrated booklet.
The Dark Chamber of the Elder Serpent God
The Dark Chamber of the Elder Serpent God Artwork
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