- Artbeat Pulse V -
Artbeat is french art collective focused on modern digital/traditionnal art, illustration, photography, typography, animation and audio. Every Pulse we release, is a way to overcome us with imagination pieces. The Pulse V deals with "Travel". This is my first Pulse, and the ilustration is entitled "Nomad".

In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.
To pay for the trip, an obolus was placed in the mouth of the deceased. Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years. Do not want to represents Charon as a basic old man, so i work on an insain shape, concentrate on his miror head with which he's able to read deeply in souls.
- Concept Shapes -
- Selected Shapes -
- Final Selected Shapes -
- Nomad Artwork -
- Printed Nomad for my Exposure -
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