R U S A L K A  D E S I G N  .   F U L L  P H O TO M A N I P U L A T I O N   .   2 O I 5

G    R    A    V    E    Y    A    R    D        O    F        D    R    E    A    M    S

The brand new artpack of Dark Realm Collective is inspired by contemporary Urban Legends.
Dark Realm Collective logo created by Kiren Bagchee.
The themes for the "Urban Folklore" (October 2015) project created by Conzpiracy are as follows:
• Love me Slender
• The Timeless Beauty of Kuchisake-Onna
• The Curious Tale of Spring Heeled Jack
• Who has seen the Jersey Devil
• Bedfellows and Night Terrors
 GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS deals with Bedfellows and Night Terrors
What you will see:
I-The Sandman wearing Scarecrow mask. Original Artwork. (With & without title)
II-Variant Sandman (Slasher mode) Artwork. (With & without title)
III-Variant Sandman wearing The Executioner helmet from "The Evil Within" videogame
IV-Variant Sandman wearing The Executioner helmet (opened) from "The Evil Within" videogame

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Credits: Shutterstock/Fotolia/Personal
21x29,7cm | 15 hours 

I hope you like it!
You can find more sketches, wips and illustrations
 on my Facebook  Pro page!
This is a personal work – Darkart/Illustration/Photomanipulation.
Short Creative Process
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