Enigma Opera Black

M U S I C A L   A U T O M A T O N  .   F U L L   P H O TO M A N I P U L A T I O N   .   2 O I 4
After "The Shadow Compendium", Enigma Opera Black is the second solo album of the French Metal Guitarist Stéphan Forté, leader of the Symphonic Metal Band Adagio. Dealing with the mecanism of fear, this neo-classical Metal masterpiece of is featuring awesome guitarists such as Andy James, Paul Wardingham, or Marty Friedman from the legendary band Megadeth.
CD Artwork by Lulu Inthesky
Stéphan Forté Photography by PPF Pictures
Oil painted parts by Slava Gerj
Credit Photo: Shutterstock / Fotolia / Personal

Illustrated Digipack | 30 hours 
I hope you like it!
Look, Listen & Enjoy!
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This is a professional work – Dark/Fantasy/Steampunk study.
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